What our clients think...


"Anna is not only a dedicated and highly professional translator in the field of medical texts, she is also very good at saving lives when it comes to impossible deadlines with no compromise to quality. It is always a pleasure to work with her and I am grateful for our flawless collaboration."

Raluca Bourceanu, Project Manager, Arriello Group.

"We have been collaborating with Anna since 2016 and she works with us on a regular basis to date. Her work involved producing high quality translations from English into Swedish in the field of Life Sciences. The great challenge faced by our company was, and still remains, to produce high quality translation work within tight deadlines. In that respect, Anna successfully rose to this challenge by contributing to a great extent to the continued growth of our business and to a constantly expanding happy customer base. She was primarily involved in very demanding projects requiring a high level of language proficiency, and tackled each assignment with utmost dedication, diligence, professionalism, and accuracy. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna without any reservation and I am confident she would be an asset to any agency or firm."

Manolis Prekas, Vendor Manager Assistant, Intertranslations Ltd.

"Anna stands out for reliability, adherence to deadlines and accurate working. In our opinion she is the ideal choice when it comes to delivering high quality translations in the field of medical translations. We are really glad that we can count on such an excellent translator and we are looking forward to a longlasting collaboration."

Lara Tosoni, Project Manager, MEINRAD.cc Communication Consulting GmbH.

"Anna has greatly supported our projects. Her translation services have been fast and reliable. Furthermore, her active and astute reviewing has really been appreciated - she even spotted potential misinterpretations in the original documents!"

Claudio Kasper, Platform Team Manager, Qiagen Instruments AG.

"I have received excellently readable documents at a very good cost / performance ratio. The document management is very accurate and the accounts are transparent. Anna is friendly, remarks on discrepancies in documents, comes back if things are unclear, and delivers on time."

Axel Bützer, Senior Platform Manager, Qiagen Instruments AG.

"Anna did a thorough editing job for one of our clients. She cleaned out inconsistencies and corrected scientific errors both in the translation and in the source text. We have now placed her on the top of our Swedish provider list."

Romi Hubbard, President, Gracor Language Services Inc.